We start a new series of posts, we release a short interview in which we introduce a member of the MONYO team.
 Who else could’ve brought you in the first post than Mausecz Ádám, who’s been in the team almost from the start.

Welcome, Ádám, let’s do it, shall we? 
How did you become a part of the craft brewing scene and MONYO Brewing?

The story starts in the summer of 2015, by which time I’d been unemployed for a month. 6 months after I’d left my job at one of the biggest industrial breweries I saw on Facebbok that MONYO was looking for new employees. The next day, which was the first of a 2-month-long probation, I found myself washing bottles early in the morning for a painfully long bottling of 900 liters of Schatzi. 6 years went by since then, during which I had a lot of fun both abroad and here.

What exactly do you do at MONYO?

I mainly brew, but whatever’s needed, really: I operate the centrifuge just as I do bottling if it comes to that.

Which are your favourite bars and MONYO beers?

My fondest memories are related to the MONYO Taphouse, our Kálvin-tér “headquarters”, which I visited frequently pre-lockdown.
Then the well-known source of the best beers from all around, Hopaholic is also one that I can only speak highly of. I’d also like to mention London Stone Pub, which is a great hybrid of the classic, old school pubs and new-wave craft beer places.

From the MONYO core range I’d definitely highlight Dead Rabbit, our double IPA and I was very fond of Beaver Fever, that we sadly don’t brew anymore. From the one-offs, limited releases and collab brews I’m particularly partial towards Andromeda, Csikar, Afterparty and Mango Margaret.

What do you think your legacy is at MONYO?

500.000 litres of beer brewed, a hundred tons of malts milled and several beers for which I came up with the recipe.