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Don't forget March 8 is International Women's day!
Check the exclusively for-the-occasion made packs, that include Gerbeaud handcrafted chocolates
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We give three bottles of Snowman Selfie to every order that reached 20.000 HUF.
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Brewery for sale!
You can have a brewery pre-used by MONYO or a package of 720 bottles of beer.
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O Sailor, where art thou?
Is it our new porter you eager for?
Let's jump right into a treasure hunt!
That's my Muse!
A Belgian Strong Ale, named Muse, what we have produced in collaboration with Four Seasons' art nouveau cocktail bar has just arrived.
I give a try, immediately!
Classic Belgian Tripel, with slightly fruity, candi-sugar notes both in aroma and taste.
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Did you miss me?
Here is the Cassiopeia!
Double New England IPA jazzed up with Eldorado, Denali, Huell Melon hops.
So...double or nothing?
Spontan Merlot 2018
Spontan fermented with Merlot pomace, aged in wine barrels for 2 years.
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Despite the current situation, our webshop is up and running!

Craft is our passion

You are in the right place if you are fed up with large-scale lager type of beers. We are working to change the way you think of beer. You will not find dozens of boring or mass produced items. Each of our beers has a characteristic feature and a history, that we create with the care and precise professional knowledge, to fill your glass with the best possible quality.

Discover our story and visit one of our bars or order your favorite MONYO beer from our webshop!

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