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Instead Of An Easter Egg Pack
-23 %
If you cannot imagine any kind of festivity without craft beer, well, we’ve got you covered with our Eastern-themed four pack! It contains two bottles of Flying Rabbit and Dead Rabbit, our most hop-forward American IPAs, brewed with copious amounts of Citra, Centennial, Warrior, Centennial and Amari..
2,990 Ft 3,859 Ft
Ex Tax:2,354 Ft
Save your local craft scene package
-12 %
MONYO Brewing Co.’s story started with the craft beer bar we now call MONYO Tap House, so we are perfectly familiar with the importance of pubs where you can get a pint of a well-crafted ale – and quality service too. Due to the coronavirus, many of these places had no other option but to close, and..
4,990 Ft 5,640 Ft
Ex Tax:3,929 Ft
Adopt a case of beer pack 2.0
-20 %
Let’s admit it: no matter how cute is that elephant you saw in the zoo, it still weights at least four tons and chances are low that it could be fit into your living room. So instead of adopting it, why not go for something that can be packed into your fridge and only gets smaller with each passing ..
16,590 Ft 20,770 Ft
Ex Tax:13,063 Ft
Wheat Beer pack
-22 %
There’s an old German saying, that goes like this: „the lack of wheat beer is the first sign of war”. While we don’t think that the situatian will get that bad, it never hurts to stock up a few bottles of wheat ales, just in case, don’t you think so? If your answer is yes, we have some good news for..
4,490 Ft 5,720 Ft
Ex Tax:3,535 Ft
Fruits Of Your Labor pack
-19 %
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, it has became even more important to eat healthy and get enough vitamins. We think that the most pleasant way to do both is to eat a proper amount of fruits every day – but what if you don’t have sour cherry, maracuja, orange or grapefruit in your fridge. Worry..
3,990 Ft 4,940 Ft
Ex Tax:3,142 Ft
I’m a lager drinker! pack
-17 %
Tired of drinking bland, mass-produced lagers that all taste the same? But can’t keep up with all the newly emerging beer styles that you just don’t understand? Well, if your answer is yes, this package is for you, because it highlights two of our crisp, highly drinkable and beautifully executed bee..
3,490 Ft 4,180 Ft
Ex Tax:2,748 Ft
The Best Of Two Worlds Pack 2.0
-25 %
Wine? Beer? Why not have both? Our Hungarian Terroir Series is a landmark step toward bringing these two scenes and cultures together. Through collaborating with some of the most renowned local wineries, we could showcase the possibilities of a beer-wine hybrid: we aged a Russian Imperial Stout in t..
7,790 Ft 10,330 Ft
Ex Tax:6,134 Ft
Someone likes it black pack
-21 %
„I don’t want you to think I’m a drinker. I can stop if I want to, only I don’t want to” – said Marilyn Monroe in Billy Wilder’s 1959 cult-classic, and when it comes to stouts, we can only agree with her. We simply cannot resist the flavors of roasted malts, molasses and dark chocolate this beer sty..
7,390 Ft 9,340 Ft
Ex Tax:5,819 Ft
Quaffable beers for quarantine pack
-20 %
Desperate times call for desperate measures and a bottle of craft beer – or at least that’s how the saying goes in our brewery. While we agree that going home quarantine is the wisest thing you can do currently, we also know that it has its ups and downs. Facing an empty fridge can be be especially ..
6,990 Ft 8,720 Ft
Ex Tax:5,504 Ft
iPack 2.0
-19 %
The growth of IPAs were, without a doubt, a driving force behind the craft beer revolution and now that the revolution is an evolution, it’s safe to say that India Pale Ale are here to stay. So we’ve put together our „gateway drug-package”, with our own takes on this now-iconic beer style. Flying Ra..
7,990 Ft 9,880 Ft
Ex Tax:6,291 Ft
Cherry Hero Superhero Pack
-5 % Out Of Stock
We think that even Bruce Wayne would agree, that not all heroes wear capes - but they all drink craft beer. So we put together a basic superhero package with enough beer to fuel the Batmobile: three bottles of Cherry Hero, our sour cherry ale with copious amounts of perfectly ripe fruit in it. You c..
8,490 Ft 8,950 Ft
Ex Tax:6,685 Ft
Funky Fritz 4.6% 0.33l
-35 % Sold Out
Straw coloured beer, an easy-going, genuine Kölsch-type. In the flavour malt and yeast ester dominate instead of hop, which moderately stays in the background...
450 Ft 690 Ft
Ex Tax:354 Ft
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