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Fruit basket pack
-6 %
Fruit basket pack includes:4 x 0,33l Mango Hero (Mango ale, 4,5% vol.)4 x 0,33l Cherry Hero (Sour-Cherry Ale 4.3% vol.)2 x 0,375l Hungarian Terroir: Martonvásár (Barrel aged peach wild ale - 2020, 7.2% vol.)2 x 0,33l Dry-Hopped Cherry Craft Soda2 x 0,33l ..
18,990 Ft 20,100 Ft
Ex Tax:14,953 Ft
Blossoming Party Animals pack
-9 %
Just like a garden, the clubs and pubs are becoming more colorful at springtime. This blossoming Party Animal pack is gonna be the icing on the cake at your weekend party!Blossoming Party Animals pack includes:6 x 0,33l Party Animal IPA (IPA, 5.8% vol.)6 x 0,33l Party Animal Witbier&n..
13,990 Ft 15,300 Ft
Ex Tax:11,016 Ft
Ripening grapes pack
-8 %
Ripening grapes pack includes:2 x 0,375l SURPRISE, SURPRISE - MONYO 8TH ANNIVERSARY (BARREL AGED SAUVIGNON BLANC GRAPE ALE WITH MANGO, 6.2% vol.)2 x 0,375l Hungarian Terroir: Villány (OAK AGED CABERNET FRANC IMPERIAL STOUT, 8.4% vol.)2 x 0,375l Hungarian Terroir: S..
22,490 Ft 24,520 Ft
Ex Tax:17,709 Ft
Bunny HOP pack
-8 %
Nothing special, just a selection from our best classic hoppy Rabbit series.The Bunny HOP pack includes:4 x 0,33l Flying Rabbit (IPA, 6.5% vol.)4 x 0,33l Dead Rabbit (Double IPA, 9.1% vol.)4 x 0,33l Cyber Rabbit (NEIPA, 5.8% vol.)..
11,490 Ft 12,520 Ft
Ex Tax:9,047 Ft
2023 Starter pack
-7 %
Wanna get strenght for your New Year's resolutions? Get this pack and and reward yourself for your efforts with this selection!The 2023 Starter pack includes:4 x 0,33l Flying Rabbit (IPA, 6.5% vol.)4 x 0,33l Dead Rabbit (Double IPA, 9.1% vol.)4 x 0,33l Lazy Pirate (Porter, 5.5% vol.)2 ..
22,590 Ft 24,200 Ft
Ex Tax:17,787 Ft
Cutie-pie pack
-8 %
Are you a real sweet-toothed? This pack is gonna be your candy bomb for snacky days!The Cutie-pie pack includes:2 x 0,33l Mango Hero (Mango Ale, 4.5% vol.)2 x 0,33l Naked Penguin (Hazelnut Stout, 6.3% vol.)2 x 0,33l Maracuja Lemonade2 x 0,33l Strawberry-Lime Lemona..
6,290 Ft 6,840 Ft
Ex Tax:4,953 Ft
MONYO Soft Drinks pack 3.0
-20 %
The MONYO Soft Drinks pack 3.0 includes:3 x 0,33l MONYO Eper - Lime Lemonade (soft drink with strawberry and lime  0.0% vol.)3 x 0,33l MONYO Maracuja Lemonade (soft drink with maracuja 0.0% vol.)3 x 0,33l MONYO Pear - Ginger Lemonade (soft ..
6,625 Ft 8,280 Ft
Ex Tax:5,217 Ft
MONYO Gift 4 can pack - Lemonade edition
-6 %
The MONYO Gift 4 can pack - Lemonade edition includes:1 x MONYO Gift Pack1 x 0,33l MONYO Eper - Lime Lemonade (soft drink with strawberry and lime  0.0% vol.)1 x 0,33l MONYO Maracuja Lemonade (soft drink with maracuja 0.0% vol.)1 x 0,33l MONYO Pear -..
2,960 Ft 3,150 Ft
Ex Tax:2,331 Ft
Lazy Pirate 5,5% 0.33l
-15 %
Aah, land rats, the sea looks like lazily rippling today! Even the frightful one-eyed is sacked-out. This silky porter flows like liquid gold and kills thirst.Our latest beer, Lazy Pirate porter, is here. Roasted malt aromas arise, while in the taste we find sweet malts mixed with dried fruity notes..
807 Ft 950 Ft
Ex Tax:636 Ft
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