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About Us

Craft is our passion

You are in the right place if you are fed up with large-scale lager type of beers. We are working to change the way you think of beer. You will not find dozens of boring or mass produced items. Each of our beers has a characteristic feature and a history, that we create with the care and precise professional knowledge, to fill your glass with the best possible quality.

Discover our story and visit one of our bars or order your favorite MONYO beer from our webshop!


MONYO Brewing, one of the Hungary's first new-wave breweries, was founded in 2014 by Pein Ádám and Németh Anti in Kőbánya with the aim of creating craft beer 2.0. Adam was sick of trying to serve his consumers with so-called craft beers at Calvin Square's MONYO, the quality were extremely volatile at that time. The idea of setting his own brewery up dates back to that time. All he had to do was to find one man who could brew beer. At that time Anti was highly recommended.

Anti was one of the first home brewers in the country. Like many others in the industry, he started to brew at home in the kitchen. Finally, he was so impressed by the creative world of brewing, so he left his university teaching career to set up an illegal brewery for his friends. From morning to night, he experimented different beers in his secret "lab" until he became a gipsy (contract) brewer, where he could make his recipes in large quantities in different breweries. By this time, his groundbreaking beers became more and more popular in a wider range of consumers.

They both finally went all in and took all their assets and energy and they built MONYO Brewing for almost half a year. The goal in the first minute was the same as today: the production of uncompromising beers for consumers.


Now, after 8 years and a bunch of lovely collaborations behind us, MONYO owns the country's most modernized brewery, and over the 1.000th batch, our beers have already conquered 4 continents around the world, waiting to land at the bottom of your glass. From an initial staff of 4, we've grown to a team of over 20 and doubled the number of our bars as well. We've brewed over 100 different beers, and since the beginning of 2022 we’ve started to produce our unique non-alcoholic, real fruit-based Craft Soda series, which are available in 3 types already, and more are coming soon! And for our 8th birthday, what better present could we have given to ourselves than to be the first Hungarian craft beer manufacturer be awarded by the ISO: 22000-2018 Certification, one of the most prestigious internationally recognised food safety certificates.

We have brewed beer together with the bands Quimby or Ivan & The Parazol, the Bishop of Székesfehérvár, and even the goalkeeper of the Hungarian national team, Ádám Bogdán had made his signature beer here. We've also had made our beers with Tokaji aszú, Basque cheesecake and oysters fresh from the French coast. We have visited Europe's coolest beer festivals, from Spain to Russia, and our beers have won countless prizes in competitions both at home and abroad. Not far removed from humour and farce, we've been involved in a lot of madness, but we've also stood up for serious issues and the values we hold dear when we needed to.

Perhaps what we are most proud of, though, is the strong and active community that has developed over the years behind the MONYO brand. Beyond the many shared experiences and positive feedback, we only have to think of "MONYO", the adopted pug, the Flying Rabbit tattoos on your arms, or the guy who drew his girlfriend in our graphic style on a beer label for her birthday. MONYO Brewing wouldn't be complete without you.


The goal of MONYO Brewing is to provide a complex experience for both consumers and manufacturers. It’s a fair and credible brand in the marketplace that thinks innovatively and always stands for quality, humor and creativity.

„We take brewing seriously, everything else is fun.”